Which Dev Kit Has a Carrier for Tegra 3 VCM?

… that looks something like this:

Also, is the Tegra K1 or X1 VCM pin-compatible with the 3?

Pardon me, that looks like this:

I have not heard of the VCM kit. Is there a URL describing it? It seems like a third party product, so more information would be needed.

(uh oh)

It’s a standard promulgated by NVidia which sets a standard form factor and MXM interface (plug-in), for standardizing visual and ML modules

It sounds like you are dealing directly with a TK1 or TX1 chip. I guess what I’m really wondering is if there is a description of the circuit board in the image? Are you looking for the mating half of the circuit board you showed the image of?

Normally the TK1 chip is available, but the TX1 and TX2 are normally only available as modules (not as individual chips).

Nah. Understand that the TK1, TX1, TX2 are dev kits. There are also modules but these aren’t VCMs like the one in my picture. The Tegra 3 (or K1 or X1 or X2) is a chip. A VCM is a PCB with Tegra, flash, and nvram.

I’m trying to find out if my Tegra 3 VCM can be programmed and run in the TK1 (or TX1 or TX2) dev kits.

Wow. Really? Nobody knows?

I don’t think that’s able to be supported.

Ok. It’s just that it’s made by nVidia and all.

Is it not standard MXM?

Are the K1, X1, and X2 not MXM? My understanding is the X1 and X2 are not pin-compatible with the K1.