while compiling the sample code in UffMNIST.cpp provided in TensorRT:3.0 getting error : Undefined References to createInferBuilder_INTERNAL()

[After Installing the TensorRT3.0 using debian installation method (https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-tensorrt3rc-download) for jetson tx2, I tried to compile the sampleUffMNIST.cpp file provided in “samples” folder, but i am getting an errors like Undefined References to createInferBuilder_INTERNAL()., ,undefined references to cudaFree and many such undefined references. Can u please help me regarding how can i solve this error

Look like your cuda library is not existed - did you flash your Jetson TX2 using Jetpack 3.1 before installing TensorRT 3.0 RC? Jetpack 3.1 includes cuda 8.0.

My version looks like,

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/Downloads/TensorRT-3.0.0/samples/sampleUffMNIST$ make -B
…/Makefile.config:6: CUDA_INSTALL_DIR variable is not specified, using /usr/local/cuda-8.0 by default, use CUDA_INSTALL_DIR=<cuda_directory> to change.
…/Makefile.config:9: CUDNN_INSTALL_DIR variable is not specified, using by default, use CUDNN_INSTALL_DIR=<cudnn_directory> to change.
Compiling: sampleUffMNIST.cpp
Compiling: common.cpp
Linking: …/…/bin/sample_uff_mnist_debug
Compiling: sampleUffMNIST.cpp
Compiling: common.cpp
Linking: …/…/bin/sample_uff_mnist

Linking: …/…/bin/sample_mnist_debug
/usr/bin/ld: no se puede encontrar -lcudnn
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
…/Makefile.config:165: fallo en las instrucciones para el objetivo ‘…/…/bin/sample_mnist_debug’
make: *** […/…/bin/sample_mnist_debug] Error

Hi, belamarod

Please check the reply in topic_1027783:


OK Thanks! I’ll try!