White noise/static with Quadro T2000 mobile and external monitor

We have been able to root caused this issue and fix is incorporated in future release driver.


Thanks for the info. Can you tell us if it was a buffer overflow or the like? Any possibility to overcome it in the meanwhile?

Can you asses how long it will take until a fixed driver will be released?
2 months or more like half a year?

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@fhortner As I mentioned earlier - the konsole tab change removes the corruption so it is definitely a buffer problem.

The fact it is the 2nd monitor might be a coincidence , but the fact that scrolling affects it, suggests an OpenGL type thing tracking pixels.

@amrits please let is know which release to try so we can all see if it is fixed.

Not necessarily, since it only affects Multi Stream Transport setups.
I would say, a buffer is something static - but we see something dynamic, depending on the content displayed on the screen.
Not everything is a buffer that looks like being a buffer.

It could well be, just thinking, that the framing for MST data is chosen too small or a compression issue, etc…

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I have the same exact issue on my P17 with a Quadro P5000 card. I am running the latest driver, hopefully when they say the issue was root caused, they will incorporate the fix into the driver soon.

Updated to 465.27 today and the problem is now worse. One monitor is now just completely black with a small static bar at the top of the screen. Interestingly enough it is not the monitor that was previously affected by the issue, and the one that was affected is fine now. Nothing about my configuration or setup has changed.

I seemingly fixed the issue in my last post by going into nvidia-settings and completely disabling the affected display and then re-enabling it. It’s too early for me to say for sure but the static issue looks like it’s gone entirely after doing this and both screens are working. On a reboot I have to redo this process and disable/re-enable the black monitor.

It seems like that they have identified the root cause (according their message on Apr 22nd), and know what they are doing. I am sure it will be fixed in the production release.

I can confirm this.

The one monitor connected to DP1.2 (DP1 on the Thunderbolt Dock) works fine now, while the second monitor connected to DP1.3 (DP2 on the Thunderbolt Dock) does not work at all.
The workaround suggested by @mikhail.swift does not work for me. When trying to activate the second external monitor the system sometimes freezes. One or two times it activated showing completely the noise/static. Nevertheless, I could idendify the mouse when moved in the noise.

Connecting the second external monitor to the HDMI on the notebook itself works fine.

What still does not work (since 465.24.02): external monitors connected via USB-C DisplayPort are not recognized at all.

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Fix should be available in the next 460 driver release.

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Thanks for letting us know.
This would mean version after 460.73

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please confirm the fix release when available here, so we can post reports with our configurations.

corruption still present with driver 460.73.01 released 11MAY2021 , kernel 5.4.0-73-generic #82-Ubuntu

EDIT: seems the 80.01 is not in the ubuntu 20.01 repos yet. Will try that when it is available.