Why can not Nsight Eclipse Edition add plugins from local .zip file?

I want to install a plugin “cmake4eclipse” in Nsight Eclipse Editionto build project by cmake. For some reason. I can not install it online, so I download it in a usb-disk and copy it to my PC (Ubuntu 18.04). Then I did “Help”-> “Install New Software”->“add”->“achive” to put this path in blank, but it told me “Could not find file”, here is the screenshot:

However, when I try to repeat it in an original Eclipse (also installed in the same PC) to see if this error is caused by a broken zip file, it works well in eclipse:

so I am confusing now, is that a bug or NEE just doesn’t allow to install other plugins?
My NEE version info:
Screenshot from 2021-09-06 19-43-39

BTW, you may think this error happened because I didn’t add “jar:” in the first picture, but that’s not the reason. I have tried to add this prefix at the beginning but the error still exist.

Anyone can help me?

Hello, and welcome to the support forum for Nsight Eclipse Edition. I’ve been able to reproduce the original problem you’ve reported, and am trying to find a solution for you. You mention that you were able to install this plugin into an unmodified version of Eclipse. Could you please share the version information for the version of Eclipse where you were able to successfully install the plugin? A screenshot of “Help → Installation Details” would be ideal.

I’ve done some research and have an answer for you. The cmake4eclipse.zip plugin you’re trying to install is only compatible with Eclipse versions 4.5 and above. The baseline version of Eclipse that was used for our CUDA 10.2 release is Eclipse Juno, which is equivalent to version 4.2. That’s why Eclipse isn’t recognizing your cmake .zip installation file.

Just so you’re aware, in CUDA 10.2 we also released a set of CUDA plugins that can be installed in a more up-to-date version of Eclipse. NVIDIA tested our plugins with Eclipse versions 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11. You’re welcome to use any of those versions of Eclipse, and simply install the CUDA plugins to enable CUDA support.

The script to install the plugins can be found in the CUDA “bin” directory:

  • nsight_ee_plugings_manage.sh

You can use this script to install the CUDA plugins into your selected version of Eclipse.

$ cd {path-to-CUDA-bin-directory}
$ pwd
$ ./nsight_ee_plugins_manage.sh
Usage: ./nsight_ee_plugins_manage.sh {action} {eclipse_dir}
action: ‘install’ or ‘uninstall’
eclipse : eclipse installation directory

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for your reply !
I am very sorry for replying after several months… I can not login this account for some reason