Why can't the Lidar detect deformable body?

I tried to detect deformed object using lidar in GUI, but Lidar didn’t react to deformable objects.

The image below shows Rigid Body with Collidars Preset, Collidars Preset, and Deformabl body in order from the left cube. As you can see, it responds to the cube given the collidar, but it cannot detect the deformable body.
We have confirmed that this deformable body has a contact judgment with a rigid body. Nevertheless, why can’t lidar detect deformable bodies?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Yuya_t - Are you using RTX lidar or physX lidar?

Thanks to reply @rthaker .

I use physX lidar in GUI.
I selected Crate >> Isaac >> Sensors >> Lidar >> Rotating.

Hi @Yuya_t - Unfortunately, physX lidar can’t detect at this moment but RTX lidar can detect the deformable body.