Why is CUDA 7 for Fedora 21 still marked "coming soon"?

Since the official CUDA 7 release, the download for Fedora 21 has been marked “coming soon” on the CUDA download page https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads.

What is the holdup? I’ve been running the beta version of CUDA 7 (mostly) without problems on Fedora 21. Can the other packages, e.g. for Centos 7, be used safely on Fedora 21?

Maybe they’re waiting for Fedora 22? I posted this same question several weeks ago.

As a follow up, I downloaded the CentOS package, and installed only the CUDA SDK and examples, while keeping the driver installed by my bumblebee repo (which happened to be a later version than requested by the SDK) and things seemed to work fine. There seems to be a bug in the beta version of 7 that would cause the compiler to hang when compiling for compute level 2.0 devices, which is fixed in the release version.