Wifi Adaptor Not Found


Ive tried rebooting Nvidia Tegra AGX multiple times but its clock is running behind and its not connected to wifi. It says wifi adaptor not found. It was running fine till March 3rd, 2023.
Please help.


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. I am moving your topic to the Jetson category for better visibility.

Which JetPack SW you’re using? Any log?
Can you try with other WiFi adaptor?

Where should I see for logs? I can show output of lsusb etc. At this point Im thinking to reflash it. Im just wondering if I can force it to repair itself if some command exists.

I found this command on forum sudo reboot forced-recovery and now nothing is appearing on screen from quite some time.

Update 2: So I reflashed Ubuntu18.04 using SDK on live Ubuntu method. The issue is that although the SDK manager shows CUDA 8.0 installed on target. When I type nvcc --version it says, command not found.

Hi gaurav20,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

If you are using the devkit, you could refer to the following instruction for serial console log.
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier - Serial Console

Could you reflash the board successfully?
Jetson OS would install first, and Jetson SDK Component would install after boot up.

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