Windows 10 ARM

Please dear god, I’ve been trying to make this work for weeks. Someone on here with more embedded, uboot, knowledge MUST know how to make this happen. If not lets work as a community to make it a reality.

You should know that the GPU driver itself is for an integrated GPU (iGPU), not PCIe (dGPU). This means that none of the published desktop PC drivers will work, even if the driver is arm64 (and they are not). Compounding the problem is that the driver is a binary format driver in Linux ELF format intended to be embedded in a particular X11 server ABI. So if for some reason you get this booting Windows, you will have no access to CUDA and the GPU. Unless you are interested in giving up CUDA and GPU hardware acceleration you’ll end up disappointed.

They have details on recompiling drivers for arm – do you happen to know where I could find this Linux ELF binary format driver’s source code?

If you download the R28.2.1 driver package, the “” script unpacks some of the NVIDIA-specific driver files onto the sample rootfs. If you simply run “sudo ./” from the L4T directory without first unpacking the sample rootfs you will get all of those files, and just those files. It would be one of the ones in the “rootfs/usr/lib/aarch64/” directory.

Do beware this is in binary only format. NVIDIA does not publish the source code of its GPU drivers, and this driver is specifically bound the iGPU and is a Linux file format which is unknown to Windows. There is no chance of getting source code (perhaps if you were a large OEM under non-disclosure you could).

Appreciate it, I’ll attempt to decompile it, i’m sure its optimized, etc… but i’ll give it hell and see what happens.

Well…that’s probably against the EULA. Even so, realize that the driver binds using the X11 protocol interface…it is essentially a plugin to the X server. Windows doesn’t use X, so even then there is some serious work ahead.

Hey Joey,

While I don’t personally have much on an interest in getting Windows 10 running on the Jetson TX2 I am interested in what ever came of this.

Did you give up on this, or did you get somewhere?