Wiring Harness PX2 pinouts

For the implementation of the drive PX2 in our autonomous racecar it has been decided that is more suitable for us to design our own cable harness instead of resorting to the harness delivered with the PX2.
However, I cannot seem to find any information regarding the pinouts of the 48pin CMC connector that plugs into the PX2. There is some information about the individual connectors (like CAN, FlexRay, LIN, etc) but none of that information links the individual connector pinouts to the large 48pin connector.

I find it hard to believe that there is no information available regarding this subject. Can someone help me with this?

Dear subhajeet.rath,

Please find 1.4 CABLE HARNESS CONNECTIONS in DRIVE PX 2 AutoChauffeur Mechanical and Installation Guide( https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-drive-downloads#a-collapse66-66c) Thanks.

This document you reference does not have the pinout for the 48pin CMC connector. It only has information about connectors on the other side of the included wiring harness.


Have anyone found this doc already?
It makes total sense to provide the information to build our own custom cables.


I disassemble the DB9 female connect and i found that there are 3 cables soldered (pin 2,3,7).
i think as standard, it should be 2-Rx, 3-Tx, 7-RTS.

I’d like to know this as well. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything in the documentation about the pinning of the 48 pin CMC connector. I will begin to determine this empirically. Let me know if you have any interest in what I find.

In my case I was looking just for power lines, so it was easy to find out Ignition, power and run/prog switch. I still think this information should be part of their installation guide. Up to NVIDIA to decide. In my case I am moving forward.

Other useful information will be the matting connectors and pins to use. I bought them in Digikey but not sure if the pins where exactly the right ones… anyhow they work

I ended up using a DVOM and pinning it out myself since the docs are awful. Not ideal but close enough since we are using very few of the pins in it.

I haven’t found anyone who has stock on the 48-pin mating connector (TE 2050982, but look up 2050981). Pins are readily available (TE 638652-1 and TE 638652-2) but the hand crimp tool head also appears to be unobtainium.

If anyone has any updated info on the parts let me know please?

Dear all,

Regarding DPX2 48pin, we’ll update you shortly. Thanks.

Any updates on this?

Dear TORCDrew,

We had posted the doc on below link. Please refer to the link for your topic. Thanks.

I cannot get to the document because I am still awaiting approval (for some odd reason)

The document has more information than before, and not the vehicle hardness information is there.
Haven’t checked it but seems to be the right information.

Next information to add will be the matting connectors and recommended pins, but happy to see the signal descriptions here.


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If you are looking for Drive account activation, Can you please share your account details in a PM.

PM sent

Hi, I’ve met the save problem here. In addition, do you guys have any ideas of powering Drive PX remotely? It consumes a lot of power and I’m not sure what batteries will be suitable.

I sent them my info and they never approved my account. I guess I didn’t do the correct secret handshake. Luckily someone else sent me the document which had the info I was looking for in it.

Still having a hard time on the connector and pin part numbers. I found what I thought was the right connector and pins but the pins don’t fit the housing.