WS2812 led control

Hey, I was wondering if its possible to control a WS2812 LED strip using the Jetson. If so whats the most optimal way?
I wasnt able to find any resources online.


Hi, per its datasheet, you only need to generate a control signal to it. GPIO should be able to do that if voltage level is same.

I did see this:

It indicates an NZR protocol, so it isn’t complicated, but without some sort of hardware addition it may be difficult to use only GPIO (it seems to be some sort of LVDS inspired variant).

I didn’t read this, but it seems to be based on this:

I wonder how hard it would be to port the code that the Raspberry PI uses to control the WS281x chips?

Just for giggles… I tried compiling the code on the Nano… of course it blew up when it went to compile the Raspberry Pi Specific stuff… And my C++ is really really rusty… so I didnt get very far debugging the issue.

I couldn’t say, I’ve never tried. If the RPi is using a newer kernel, and if the GPIO user space library is in place, then you probably couldn’t use the RPi code without porting the GPIO library first. If the RPI kernel is newer, then you might have difficulty porting the library without also back-porting kernel features…don’t know.

I believe the NVIDIA folks may have handled that for us already…

Nevermind… thats the python libs…

Anyone working on adapting the rpi_ws281x library to the Nano?

Any updates on this at all? Hoping to use the Jetson Nano for a WS2812 project.