Xavier AGX USB 3.0 Speed issue

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We have designed the custom carrier board with Xavier AGX Som.
Board have two USB 3.0 port which should support 10Gbps at both in reality one port enumerating 5Gbps and other port enumerates at 10Gbps.

we have chosen USB2.0 IC which is capable to support full speed FS 12 Mbit/s(1.5MB/s)
when i replaced with USB 2.0 IC with High speed 480 Mbit/s (60 MB/s) ,issue got solved

after replacing USB 2.0 IC with High speed 480 Mbit/s (60 MB/s), expected result achieved which means both ports enumerates at 10Gbps.

what is the reason behind this & how will USB2.0 affect on USB 3.0 speed…?*

It sounds to be an issue in signal quality. Suggest run compliance test in the setup. The default setting is for Xavier developer kit. For custom board, the signal quality may very, so it is required to do compliance test.

Dear Danell

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we will check and let me know

Dear Danell
could please explain how usb 2.0 will affect usb 3.0 speed
iam very much curious about know how internal som architecture will work
Requesting you to help me

Pooja Ak

We think the signal quality is different in the two cases, so suggest you run compliance test to make sure the signals are good in enumeration.

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