Routing 10Gbps signals USB3 and DisplayPort via high speed connector.

Im starting my design with the AGX xavier Som. Since I suffer from lack of place, Im planning to design my system with a mother board that will carry the Som and a daughter board for IOs connectors. the 2 PCBs will be attached by high speed connector. This architecture will enforce me to route the 10Gbps signal such as USB3 and Display port through the high speed connector.
My question is:
Can it be done?

Can a 10 Gbps signal be routed through two connectors? Yes, if you’re very careful. There are PC motherboards that do this, for example. You have to run all the impedance, capacitance, and differential timing calculations to make sure you stay within spec (and make sure your connectors and PCB vendors all have reliable data sheets for this!)
You might be better off putting a USB 3 hub chip in front of the user-accessible USB port like a HX3PD (seems like overkill) or VL820-Q7 to re-clock the signal.