Xavier CAN controller clock problem (JetPack 4.4 + Connect Tech BSP L4T r32.4.3 – JetPack 4.4)

I have the following HW setup:
(1 xavier & Dev kit) + Connect Tech JCB004 gmsl platform)
Software installation:
Xavier board Flashed with Jetpack 4.4 and then flashed with BSP from Connect Tech {BSP L4T r32.4.3 – JetPack 4.4} using their CTI install script)
At this moment we cannot use CAN FD capabilities. Running the ip link status command for CAN0 will show that the CAN controller clock was modified from 50 000 000 to 38 400 000. Because of this we cannot set the can bitrate exactly to 1 000 000 and we get something like 1 001 034.
What is the cause of this problem?
How can we fix this?
We tried to re-compile the mttcan driver but we have the same result.

Hi marius,
Xavier CAN clock parent used to be pllaon. Now for power saving purpose , we have disabled pllaon. and using pllc which gives 38.4Mhz which you are seeing.
To use pllaon only, you can follow instructions from this thread.