Xavier Dev board is not detected when I use SDK Manager to install Jetpack

I followed the following steps:

  1. Download the latest SDK Manager;
  2. Use a micro usb cable to connect my ubuntu 16.04 server and Xavier dev board;
  3. Power on the Xavier dev board;
  4. Launch SDK manager;
    But the board is not detected in SDK manager UI, and I tried several times, is there something wrong? Or anyone can help me to provide the right how-to guide, I want to upgrade jetpack to 4.4.1, appreciated!

Technically Ubuntu 16.04 should work, but is there a chance you can try with 18.04?

When powering on the Xavier, did you use the force recovery mode button? The Xavier will only be detected if it is in recovery mode. Basically you’d use the “recovery” button like a shift key during power up or power reset: Hold down the recovery button, tap power on or power reset, let go. On the host side you should then see a response from:
lsusb -d 0955:7019
(everything 0955 is NVIDIA, 7019 is the Xavier)

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if there is in the outputs of the command lsusb the value 0955:7020 it might indicate that the board is detected but not in the recovery mode. So the flashing is not possible uintil the value changes to 0955:7019
Also as there are two usb-C ports on AGX Xavier, so it needs to use the correct port [ that is near the GPIO 40 pin header] so that it is connected with usb-C cable to a usb-A port of the Host PC

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After I make the dev board enter into recovery mode, I can see 0955:7019 in the output of lsusb now.
But another problem still exist, sdkmanager(latest version) UI ask me to login me first, and it use my google chrome browser to login. But at the phase of validation, those images can not be showed, browser gave me message: Validator failed to load, please check your browser settings, such as ad blockers.
Does anybody encounter this kind of problem, I googled and no solution found yet.
Does anybody use chrome browser to login nvidia developer webpage successfully in ubuntu 16.04?

Hi spring_wind,

That validator is blocked by your browser proxy settings. You can add an exception for those blocking URL’s by going into web console of the browser window, Try this.

I think it is not related with proxy, it is ok when I use the same proxy on Windows, but failed when I try on Ubuntu 16.04

Just a thought on debugging. If there is an image at some location in a browser, then normally (for most browsers) you could right click and tell it to “copy image location”. You could then open another browser (tab of same browser or a different browser) and paste that location in to see the image on the new browser. If the browser is unable to display the image, but the image URL is there, then in theory pasting to a new browser would show the image. If a new browser also cannot see that image, then there is some sort of network error or missing setup to be able to display images. If you right click and copy an image location, are you able to view this in another browser? Or does the image stay black in the other browser?