Xavier discharge circuit

If i want to disign a new xavier carrier board, would the discharge circuit be necessary?
And in the OEM guide and P2822 documents, what is the function and purpose of the discharge circuit? Could you explain that to me in detail?
thanks a lot!

Hi, it is necessary, there is detail description in Power Discharge chapter of OEM DG.

Dear Trumany,

Regarding to the power discharge chapter, i didn’t see any timing spec about VDD_3V3, VDD_1V8 and VDD_12V.

How much ms of the voltage should discharge to zero volt?


Power discharge part is fixed to meet power down sequence, designer only need to copy it to design, no need to concern timing of it.

If I dont implement the discharge circuitry, Does this might harm the Xavier SoM,so it will stop function at all (get burnt) or it just make the system dont work without damaging permanently the SoM?

If I use a different power sequencing IC (or MCU) then clearly I need to copy the discharge timing.

Or I can just hook a 1 kOhm resistor across each rail, wasting a few milliamps, and discharging too slowly, but at least it won’t stay with charged capacitors on for a long time …

The power down sequence is mainly to guarantee module power down after carrier board so as to protect its IO ports.