Xavier NX ubuntu20.04

Hello, I plan to use ubuntu20.04 on Xavier NX. I have several questions to ask:

  1. Is the maximum JP version supporting Xavier NX platform is R35.1?
  2. I see that this version supports ubuntu18.04 and ubuntu20.04. How can I distinguish them?
  3. Do I have to prepare a host with ubuntu20.04 in order to flush ubuntu20.04?

Thank you!!

Currently, Yes,

The R35.1 is Ubuntu 20.04.

Yes, it’s our suggestion.

Can I use the ubuntu host of ubuntu18.04? I need to do other work.

That should be fine for SDK manager to flash Xavier NX.

I need to cross compile on the host, and then use the command line mode to flush. Does this affect?

I find that in the R35.1 introduction interface, does “Jetson Xavier modules” indicate support for Xavier NX?

Yes, you can find relevant doc at Flashing Support — Jetson Linux
Developer Guide 34.1 documentation (nvidia.com)

Therefore, I can compile and write Xavier NX modules on the host of ubuntu18.04, right

If you just want use SDKM device, then Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04 are fine.

But if you want to do the cross compilation, then they have different tool chan ad requirements.
For JP5.1/R34.1/K5.1, please have host with Ubuntu 20.04.
For JP4.x/R32.x, please have host with Ubuntu 18.04.

In this case, I can only cross compile R35.1/R34.1 on the host of ubuntu20.04, and flash Xavier NX;
If I cross compile R35.1/R34.1 with ubuntu18.04 host, will there be any problem? Failed to flash the NX? Or?
The reason why I ask this is because the current host is ubuntu18.04. If I can only use ubuntu20.04, I must prepare another computer in advance.

My suggestion is you just use the same version to do all the work here. It does not matter for Orin or Xavier.

Just make sure you all use the same version of host. 18.04 or 20.04 do not matter either.

Ok, thank you!!

Do note that if in NVIDIA downloads for a given release a certain cross compiler release is provided that the odds of it working go up by using the release cross-gcc named there. It isn’t guaranteed that other compilers will fail, but sometimes newer or older gcc will not handle a given situation the same (warnings might be errors, or errors might be warnings, or assembler might change in incompatible ways).

Okay, thanks for the reminder

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