Xavier UAC Camera has system error

Hi We use Xavier kit connected with UAC camera, but sometime the system crahed,

we have to lose power before restart it, after power on the log was cleared.
also found another problem,
when camera has this issue, we plugged in another USB3.0 device. it cannot be recognized either.

system reboot does not work either, must be powered off
please help, thanks

Please share brand and model ID(such as Logitech BRIO webcam) of the UAC camera. The issue should be triggered by the specific device. Would like to get more information about the camera.

And please check if the port goes back to normal after disabling/enabling the regulator. May refer to
USB Load Switches - #23 by DaneLLL
If it works, you can reset the regulator to revive the port without power off.

Hi Dane:
its use our own designed depth camera, below its dmesg log, please check,thanks
1124_71.txt (135.7 KB)
1124_65.txt (109.0 KB)
1124_64.txt (94.6 KB)

We would suggest do compliance test to the camera to make sure the signals are good and stable. Without the test the singals may not be good and can trigger issues.