Xen Desktop 7.14.1 + Server 2016 = Grid K1 in Passthrough = Quarter Screen?


I am having a very odd issue with screens not scaling properly after login. It is almost as they don’t recognize the resolution of the monitor and expand.

• Xen Desktop 7.14.1
• Server 2016 + Fully Patched
• Vmware ESXI
• Nvidia Grid GPU setup as passthrough device to VM. VM is functioning as Xen Desktop VDA (shared hosted).
• Viewsonic SC-T35 Thin Clients

• When users log in, the display does not appear to scale properly. Only the top upper left hand corner of 1 screen has the desktop background (no mouse/icons) The screens are setup as 1920x1080 (for both screens), running the same DPI (same model).
• This only happens when they log into a VDA that has a pass through GPU configured.

I did a good deal of troubleshooting yesterday. Oddly enough, I found that if the Citrix Profile Management Service is disabled, the issue goes away (which makes no sense). This means that the end user is using a local profile on the server, instead of a profile stored on a UNC.

Any thoughts?

Screenshot of scaling issue.

Please ask Citrix for a fix. There is a private fix available as far as I know and it should be fixed with 7.15

There are no private hotfixes available. I’m not sure what sschaber is quoting.

Some items I’ve noticed in troubleshooting.

VDA 7.12 seems to be more stable/reliable. Infrastructure can remain at 7.14.1

The latest nVidia driver (370.12) for the M60 seems to be working fine.

You may want to look into removing the SVGA Driver from the VMTools install (this was recommended by Citrix support) and validate that ‘Enable 3D Support’ is not checked on the VM itself.

For us in vda 7.15 (infrastructure is in 7.14.1) we have the same problem with the quarter Window only starts at top left corner we use a M60 Tesla. Mouse works behind the black layer and start menu per keyboard works also. If we activate per GPo the RDP Grapic Settings for activate the GPU Rendering the problem occurs. We have Igel thin clients. The Linux Citrix Receiver can’t resize the Window like in Windows Citrix receiver, so we can’t refresh the desktop.
Is here in the forum someone who can control these problem?
Is there a workaround because we use also Citrix profile management.



does this only occur with Citrix Receiver for Linux? Please also test with a Fat client. If it is reproducable with a fat client I would recommend to file a bug with Nvidia, if not, please contact Citrix.



Yes also in fatclient… We fix it with a private hotfix by an dll in Windows system 32 for vda 14.1 from Citrix . The dll has version Nummer 14.2!!!

Thanks for reply

Hi Tobemank,

thanks for your feedback. So I was right with my initial post but I was told this should have been fixed with 7.15



Hi Simon sorry with VDA 7.15 there is also a Bug and a private hotfix is needed…

Thanks tobemank