Yocto embedded build of rdma-core


I’m working with an embedded build of the rdma-core code (and rdma-perftest but I’m not that far yet). We’re doing a cross build of the rdma-core code using yocto targeted at an Altera Arria10 board which includes a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. I’ve been able to successfully build the kernel 4.15 with the rxe modules. However, when I build the userland and get to the rdma-core library I run into a number of issues. One has been particularly vexing. During the do_configure() stage of the yocto build for rdma-core, I get errors regarding the installation of the rdma_man_pages. In particular, in the buildlib/rdma_man.cmake file, there is a routine: function(rdma_man_pages) that fails. If I comment out the entire body of this function, I can get the binaries to build but that takes me to another problem during the do_install portion. It appears that pandoc is not available at this stage. I suppose I can try to add pandoc with a separate recipe and then try again. Anyone have any comments on this build issue?



The solution to this problem was to make use of the incorporated recipes in the updated openembedded build. About a month ago, rdma-core was added to the mainlline tree. We had been trying to get this to work ourselves by writing our own recipes. Now that the code is integrated it just builds.