You demanding extremely fix for Wayland

Thanks for read my topic.
I see very much users waiting for Nvidia fix driver “problems” for Wayland.
Really has some problems need fix, but not all.
An high number of users has recent computer with very good or recent Nvidia video card and when listen that an new graphic feature was added in Linux begin to demanding Nvidia to add support for the “new” feature.
The problem is Wayland is an component unfinished.
Users does high demanding at point recent Ubuntu version use Wayland as default. Possibly was an selected choice because users and not about system development.
That “high” demand has created several problems in both OS and software development.

See the links below

For an long time I see Nvidia “fixing” drivers problems that soon return or appear an new problem.
Possibly Nvidia try fix because of high demanding from users.

That advantages does for gamers ? better FPS and low lantecy input ? If yes is really more high than xorg ?
In the last time that I had analyzed an performance between wayland and xorg the difference was small.
That remember the crazy theory changing timers (TSC and HPET) has better FPS performance.
Changing from TSC to HPET only slowdown performance.
TSC and HPET are timers both not was created to gain more FPS.

If wayland not has an big gain in performance is better continue using xorg and if wayland maybe an very good protocol is better wait to be completely finished.