1754 out of 1763 fur strands share mesh vertices with other lines.

Hairworks won’t export from 3ds Max 2016 correctly. Followed the EXACT process shown in the videos using a character’s head model and every time I try to export I get that sort of warning. It simply does not work.

I met the same problem. I have made some fixes recent. Can you tell what is the version of your 3ds Max Plugin? I can send you a latest build.
Let me know your email or send email to me at juma@nvidia.com

Sent you an email.

Once you get this error, simply go to the Hairworks menu > Spline Duplication Check
If you have duplicated splines then Hairworks will first tell you how many you have and then it will tell you that the duplicated Splines are now selected for you to edit.

Simply select your Hair Splines -Ones which you obtained from ‘Guide > Splines’ in Hair & Fur.
On selection you will see you are already in the 3rd mode, or the Spline mode, you can switch to Position tool and drag the handle up to see which splines are the duplicates, you can simply delete these.

Once deleted run the duplication check once again and you will have no more errors.