18.10 on OSX 10.14 (Mojave)?

I mistakenly upgraded to Mojave a few weeks back, and cannot get a binary to execute. I had to downgrade Xcode to 9.4.1 for install to complete. However, upon compiling, I get several of these:

ld: warning: URGENT: building for OSX, but linking against dylib (/System/Library/Frameworks//Security.framework/Security) built for (unknown). Note: This will be an error in the future.

Running the compiled binary yields:

dyld: __dyld section not supported in /Users/ewthornton/swan/test/./swan.exe
Abort trap: 6

So I’m guessing the linked libraries are not compatible despite Xcode v 9?

Sorry, we don’t support Mojave in our 2018 releases. We will let you know when we do have support, and if we find anything that can be done to get older PGI releases to work with the new OS.

Mojave is now supported starting with 19.1

I am having this exact same issue with PGI 19.4 and Mojave version 10.14.6. Are you still experiencing this issue? Do you have any solutions for how to fix this?