2gb no usb power out of box

Just got the 2gb Jetson nano. Hooked up per instructions. It powers up to
Production mode:infused
Boot recovery kernel
Boot safe mode
Power off
Forced Recovery
Unlock Bootloader
Lock Bootloader
Factory Data Reset

I try moving the selecting the green Continue with enter key, nothing happens.
Attempt to move the selection (green) down to another item with up/down arrows, but green stays on Continue.
Bought a new usb keyboard, no help there.
I tried my wireless usb keyboard. The plug in receiver has a blue light that lights up when I hit any key when it’s plugged into any other pc or laptop, but doesn’t light when plugged into the 2gb Jetson nano.
Checked for 5v on gpio 5b / ground. Got 5v there.
I have had the nano sitting on the cardboard box that it came in, and that on top of a wooden desktop from the beginning.
Anything else I should check? Been working with electronics, computers, networking since ‘70’s. Not a rookie.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Oh yeah, comm doesn’t show up on Linux Ubuntu terminal flesh | grey —color ‘tty’ , and on Windows 7 and 10 shows unrecognizable device.

dmesg | grep

Hi @jay.e.mauch, are you sure that you flashed this SD card image for Nano 2GB? (and not the one for Nano 4GB)

You typically would only see that pre-bootloader menu if the SD card slot was empty or the SD card had the incorrect image.

I removed the sd and powered up without it. Nothing showed on the screen.
I see 2 versions of the image in my downloads directory. One for nano, the other for nano-2gb.
Good possibility I loaded the nano. Will try that. Thanks much.

That did the trick. It was the nano, not the 2gb. Thanks.