3D depth camera simulation in Isaac Sim

We want to simulate a 3D depth camera in Isaac Sim to move the axis of a robot and for AI but without the use of the Isaac SDK and a “simulated robot”. But we can’t find any examples or references for this. Is that possible or is the SDK always needed for simulation?

Hi @jo-mo - You can find more information about depth here: 3. Cameras — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

I have tested all the things in the documentation with ROS2 and it worked. But is there no way to do the 3D-depth part without the use of ROS2 or Isaac SDK ? We just want to use Issac Sim (and Python, Actiongraph etc.) like in the Leonardo Demo. But unfortunately the 3D cameras there are not simulated.

Hi there

would using depth data from replicator annotators work for your case?

You can take a look at this snippet example on how to access annotator data:


the code in the snippets only work in standalone mode, but not as code in an extension. When running it as extension I will only get errors when calling world.step() and if I don’t call it, I will get empty data from the annotators.

I see, when used in extension or script editor you should use step_async, here is an example on how you can do that: