3dsmax character orientation

This is the process that I want to export animation to the 3dsmax.
This is the head inside max:

But when I bring back the animation using pointcache modifier, the mesh orientation is not correct:

The 3dsmax orietation is differ from A2F, so when I change the character orientation option, this will happen:
What should I do?

The orientation of objects doesn’t matter much. It’s safer to rotate your imported mesh inside Audio2Face and match it with default Mark orientation.

The problem is that it does matter when we load it back in to the Max. I’m looking for a soluton to load pointcache orientation same as the Max file.

What happens if you rotate your character back in A2F before caching?

Yes, now load correctly, I just linked all meshes to a xform, and then rotated that.
can I write script for this inside A2F?

Yes, you need to get familiar with writing scripts in Omniverse. Here’s a basic tutorial: Using the Script Editor to Create and Edit Python Scripts in Omniverse - YouTube

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