440.64 Ubuntu 18.04 no G-sync

Card: RTX 2080 Ti

While in past incarnations of this driver, when I have had the chance, G-sync was working, at least for a few days before breaking, now it just does not turn on according to the visual indicator. Instead I just see ‘normal’. While I am doing this on a dual 4k display setup, I have been disabling a monitor to get G-sync to work. I suppose at least v-sync seems to be working for once and this card is pretty powerful, so at least the little bit I tried in the little bit of time I have it was looking pretty good, but still it would be nice if this worked for times when I really need G-sync.

I have the same issue on Manjaro KDE with GTX 1070. After removing driver version 440.64 and installing the prev. version (435.xx), G-Sync works fine again.