6 Camera Connection and I2C Multiplexer IC Suggest

I am designing a custom board with 6 cameras for Jetson Xavier NX.
I will use Raspberry Pi Original Camera.
I created a schematic as in the picture below by examining the documents such as Product Design Guide etc. However, I couldn’t find where to connect the MCLK pins of CAM5 and CAM6?
Is there a problem with my other connections or something I’m doing wrong?
In addition, the TCA9548 IC is out of stock. What can I use as an alternative, if you have any suggestions, I would be happy. Thank you.

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

Hi, please refer to Figure 9-2. CSI Connection Options in Xavier NX Design Guide for that. We don’t have other recommendation than current one, you can choose in open market accordingly.

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