A few issues with 361.16


I seem to be having a few issues with the new beta driver. The first one is that it doesn’t want to initialise my multi-monitor setup correctly. I go into nvidia-settings, set my monitors up, save the X config file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. But when I restart X it doesn’t initalise the second monitor (connected via a DVI-I/VGA adapter). It looks like it could be some naming mismatch. The metamode setting contains DVI-I, and the Xorg log file says the driver is looking for CRT-0. Bug report has been attached.

The second issue is, when the second monitor is set to 1680x1050, the entire screen on that monitor is offset to the right by about 5cm. If I set the resolution to 1600x1200, the image correct fills the entire screen, with no offset. Photo of issue is attached.

The third issue is that when setting the desktop to 30-bit colour depth, everything appears to work, except I don’t get 30-bit colour depth. The nvidia-settings app says the desktop is in 30-bit mode, and my test OpenGL application requests and gets a 30-bit framebuffer, but the rendering shows clear banding. A similar program under Windows renders correctly, with no banding. The monitor is a Dell 2709W connected via DisplayPort, both of which support 30-bit colour.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (205 KB)

test-x11.c.gz (1.22 KB)