Ability to replicate deformable objects

I am doing a deformable object RL in isaacsim.
The biggest feature of isaacsim simulation is that it can replicate objects and simulate them in parallel.
I want to replicate the deformable object and simulate it in parallel.
The omniverse isaacgym has shown that the deformable object does not support replication. I wonder if this is a problem with my code or if it is completely impossible in the simulation.

If it is impossible to replicate an object, I wonder if there is an alternative way to simulate a deformable object in parallel.

any luck on this?

Hey @gwangin ,

I’m curious on how you were able to import a deformable object into the omniverse isaacgym code. Even for a single environment setup. I’m having some troubles as the deformable physics are not being applied and my deformable object is just floating instead of dropping down due to gravity.

Hi there, you can try passing replicate_physics=False when calling RLTask.set_up_scene(). This will skip the replication process in omni.physics, but should still clone USD prims in the stage.

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