Replication of this type is not supported

I’m setting up a pick and place environment in gym where the robot needs to manipulate a deformable objects.
I have the following error :

2023-04-06 12:41:33 [24,279ms] [Error] [omni.physx.plugin] Replication of this type is not supported: 1572864, prim path: /World/envs/env_0/Object/cloth

where cloth is a ClothPrim from core.prims.soft
Are this type of primitive supposed to be replicable with the clone? or is is something about my code?

Solution given at Issue with training with GEAR JOINT (replicator) · Issue #53 · NVIDIA-Omniverse/OmniIsaacGymEnvs · GitHub helped me replicate it, hope that helps.
In summary, set the flag replicate_physics to False.