About Camera MCLK


I am currently working on the camera hardware design for Jetson TX1.
I know JTX1 has 2 MCLK for 2 cameras but my board has 3 cameras.
I read the Jetson TX1 camera module hardware design guide, which suggests using a clock buffer.
But there is a thread about this
where Trumany said “Using one MCLK to supply multi cameras should work.”
So I wonder if I can directly connect an MCLK output from JTX1 to 2 cameras’ MCLK pins without a clock buffer? BTW, those 2 cameras are the same and work at the same time.
And another question, if needed, is there any clock buffer IC recommended? I am new to stuff like this.
Thanks a lot.

A clock buffer is preferred for multi cameras for load request. One clock for two cameras should be ok as the load is not heavy. The clock buffer should be 1.8V I/O, max frequency > fmclk. You can search that in digikey: https://www.digikey.com/products/en/integrated-circuits-ics/clock-timing-clock-buffers-drivers/764

Thank you very much Trumany.