About creat_tet_finder


I want to check the collision or overlap between soft body and any bodies.
So, I found that in physx API document.

I want to use overlap_tetmesh_sphere function but, I can’t put tet_finder.
I tried like below picture, but the result is None (tet_finder is integar, but my result is none)

and I use my deformable body assets as mesh_prim and coord_prim

What I do to enable use that function?
I can’t find use of overlap_tetmesh_sphere but, I can’t find any example in every documents.


To use the tet_finder functions, first you need to get the interface.

        physxAttachment = omni.physx.acquire_physx_attachment_interface()

Next create the tet_finder for the tet mesh

        tet_finder_handle = physxAttachment.create_tet_finder(points, indices)

You can then use the handle for all the subsequent queries

        output = physxAttachment.overlap_tetmesh_sphere(tet_finder_handle, center, radius)
        tet_ids = output["tet_ids"]
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