About permanent solutions and compensation for jetpack flash errors


I bought Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit and finally got in July.

And because of my personal problems, I open this kit and try it out in October.

And during flash process, I found there is problem which USB-C is not working after OS installation.
(same problem as
Jetpack 5.0.2,Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit, one type-c not working - #8 by Agtonomy)

I can find the solution from thread above. But it is not permanent solution.
If I want to re-flash for upgrade, It didn’t work again.

I’m not good at use linux.

I want to ask below things.

Why Nvidia don’t have official document for this problem.
Find solution from developer forum is really not convenient.
And also I want to flash to my NVMe SSD, but there is no command option in that thread.
Please give us step to step document to solve this problem.

Even at this point nearing the end of November, it is clear that there is a problem in hardware or software if you see that an error occurs when downloading through “official” SDKManager.
If this problem is a hardware problem, how should the previous purchasers be compensated?
If this problem is a software problem, why is “official” SDKManager still not solving the problem?

Please someone answer my question.
At least, please someone let me know how to flash OS and Jetpack to NVMe storage step by step.

Thank to read.


  1. If there is hardware problem, then we provide the RMA process to return the problematic hardware.
    Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

  2. Sdkmanager is not something that updates software weekly or daily. Thus, software issue would only be resolved in next release. For some issue that bothers users, we release it as patch on forum
    For example, sdkmanager is just a tool to provide you an interface to install jetpack5.0.1 and jetpack5.0.2.
    Jetpack5.0.1 is released in April 2022. Jetpack5.0.2 is released in Aug 2022. For some bugs happened in jp5.0.1, it may get resolved in jp5.0.2. Something similar to this. .

  3. I am not sure if your situation is you don’t know how to operate it even after reading the document. Or you are just not aware of where to find the document. So let me post it again.

For how to operate devkit carrier board, you can refer to this

I would suggest you can start with flashing basic emmc case first… and then play around with sdkmanger option and be familiar with it. And then move to nvme case.

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