Access GMSL camera input with OpenCV

I am trying to get OpenCV working with live video input on a Drive AGX. This is my current setup:

OpenCV works fine when it received input from the storage.
The applications that I use need access to a camera, but these are not listed as devices, at least not from what I can find, and dmesg does not react in any way when plugging/unplugging the camera.

This behavior is caused by the fact that the cameras are connected to the de-serializers, which are not powered until an nvmedia application is started, which starts them via I2C.

Given this, what would be the most straight-forward way for OpenCV to access the cameras, since de-serializer communication and control is built in nvmedia?

Hi liviu.poenaru,

As far as I know, there are no available VideoCapture API backends for the GMSL camera access so you may need to implement your application with DRIVE OS or DriveWorks APIs. Thanks!