Access to all realsense streams (color, depth, stereo and IMU) with deepstream


We are currently working on vision/video pipeline implementation and realsense D435i is one of our sensor.

I took a look at this deepstream application (DeepStream 3D Depth Camera App — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation) and it seems to approach our needs. The only missing point is that we need access to Realsense IMU and monochromatic stereo image frames data, As I understood libnvds_3d_dataloader_realsense only provides color and depth, is this right? Is there any way to access the other data?

Thanks in advance.

The RealSense data access is implemented by the Intel RealSense SDK IntelRealSense/librealsense: Intel® RealSense™ SDK ( The SDK allows depth and color streaming. Please consult Intel for the supporting of accessing the data you want.

There is no limitation of data type and content from DeepStream point of view.

Thanks for replying.
Yes librealsense allows to access to all the streams.

Considering that realsense can be accessed by only one process at the time. If libnvds_3d_dataloader_realsense access to color and depth streams then no other process can access to IMU and stereo streams.

So If I understand well the only way to access to the other streams is that libnvds_3d_dataloader_realsense access to all the streams.

Sorry my question maybe was not so clear, I was wondering is libnvds_3d_dataloader_realsense can also provide the other streams as no other process will be able to access to the camera?

Thanks !

What do you mean? is only an implementation of the “class SyncImplDataLoader” in DS3D interfaces to integrate the Intel RealSense SDK functions to get depth and color streaming.

DeepStream DS3D only provides a framework to involve the non-standard multimedia data into DeepStream(GStreamer). If you have gotten the method of getting depth, color as long as IMU and stereo from Intel, you can integrate into DS3D dataloader as
DS3D custom dataloader

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I don’t find IMU and stereo streams in librealsense/include/librealsense2/h/rs_sensor.h at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense (

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