Accessing Jetson nano production emmc

Hi Everyone,

I am designing a carrier board for jetson nano SOM module, I have doubt how can I access the eMMC provides on SOM module, do I need to pull any specific connector on carrier board for accessing the same ?


You can’t reach eMMC directly, it is in module and not routed out.

Hi @Trumany, I know this that eMMC is in module and not routed, but I want to know how can I access this, what special connector I need to pull on carrier board so that I can access that(eMMC).


No such connector/pads/pins on carrier board.

I want to boot board from eMMC, so for first time what connector I need on carrier board to load OS ?

is it possible or not ?

Please read the devkit user guide in DLC about how to flash board.

I am not talking about dev kit, I am talking about production SOM.

That needs you to make/purchase a custom carrier board.

Please see my above posts, I already mentioned ~3 times that I am designing my own carrier board.

OK, then just need to follow the design guide. The flashing is thru USB0 port. No need to access eMMC by connector/pins.