After Flash: unable to connect to the device via SSH

I have connected the Jetson Orin nano with the PC (Ubuntu 20.04) using USB-C cable and have flashed the Jetson using 128GB SD Card. The flash has been successful. However after that the window opens that asks to install SDK components and asks for Username and Password.
I dont know whats the username and password and show the error of " Cannot connect to the device via SSH. Check the user name and password, and make sure that SSH service is running on the device.". Also the Jetson Linux doesnot opens from where I can set the account details.
Keep in mind that on the terminal of ubuntu I can ping with the ip Address

Do you have a monitor or serial console connection to the Jetson? There is no account or password after the flash until you complete the first boot setup.

History: NVIDIA used to have a default name/pass, but California law changed regarding default name/pass. Since then this has been created upon first boot as part of setup. If you have a monitor and keyboard/mouse on the Jetson, then as flash completes, it will automatically restart, and this will trigger the ability to create the name pass. This is what additional software component additions are waiting for.

Optionally, you can use the “Linux_for_Tegra/tools/” script to add this prior to flashing. Just go to your “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory, and run:
sudo ./tools/
(and then all flashes, from then on, will have that user/pass)

Thanks. it worked when i connected the Monitor screen with the jetson via a DP port.