Jetson Orin Nano fails out of the box

I just got a brand new orin nano 8GB. I flashed SD card based on instructions.

Plugged in monitor, keyboard, network, power…nothing.

Fan goes on for a while then shuts off.

How do I figure out what the problem is?

I just want to add that my host machine is Ubuntu 22.04, when I connect the USB C to my PC lsusb shows no NVIDIA devices, so the SDK manager doesn’t see it.

P.P.S I see talk about recovery mode, but no documentation on how to enable…so how to enable?


Thenb re-flash with SDK Manager.

Thanks. But I can’t even get it to boot the first time. I flashed a 256G SD card, and nothing happens when I
plug in keyboard
plug in mouse
plug in monitor
plug in power.

The fan comes on for about 1 minute then shuts off. So I can’t set it to recover mode via the command line. Is there another way (hardware button?)

YES, you need a jumper for it.

ok I’m listening… where do I find info for that?


Stuff like this:
Or even a dupont line can also do it.

Thanks. What pins do I have to jump?

FC REC and any of GND.

ok I will try that thanks

I’m also flashing a 128G SD now to see if that might have been a problem…

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