After trying to Collect a project from Drive an entire reference to my C drive was created. Can this be removed safely?

I am curious if this issue has been encountered before. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hello @StephenT0! Does the C drive reference a complete duplicate of your C drive or does it only contain the files collected for your specific project?

Hi @WendyGram , it is my entire C drive 😲

Yikes! Ok that’s not good. Yes, it should be save to delete that folder, but I need to report this to the dev team. What version of Omniverse Drive are you using?

Drive 100.1.11. A bit more info on my issue. It seemed to do that because I stored my sketchfab assets on my local drive. Honestly I am bit scared to delete it because when I open the C drive from that folder and create a dummy file it does show up on my real C drive. So it feels like I would be actually deleting the C drive entirely.

When Collecting a project from drive I first tried to place it on the desktop, however the sketchfab assets were missing. Then i tried to collect in the Drive itself and it created the C drive folder. I then saved a copy of the project to the local hardrive and then Collected, and everything worked fine.

The development team informed me that Drive 200.0.0 their latest release will resolve this issue. Please try it out and let me know!