AGX Devices running 32.7.3 with wireguard became unavailabe

I have 4 devices running L4T 32.7.3, which is the latest version i could successfully install wireguard on. They are installed in different places each with access to different networks. Between Friday, Jan 6th and Saturday they all became unavailable, so I am wondering which part failed. The wireguard server is up and running and a few other devices are available as expected, also the reference system on my desk is available, but it was shutdown during the period the other system became unavailable and rebooted just now on monday morning.
Is anyone else experiencing similar difficulties?

It is possible to physically reset the devices and check if they can boot up? Seems not easy to identify what happens from remote access. Would be better if you can reset the device and check if it can boot to Ubunut desktop and link to Internet successfully.

Thank you DaneLLL, from what i could figure out now, it seems that there was a larger power outage affecting all devices although they are quite distributed.
One could be manually rebooted and next time i am there personally, I will apply this solution → Jetson AGX Xavier autoboot when powered - #3 by WayneWWW

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