AGX ORIN 32GB carrier HDMI has been forced to 1080p@60hz, can not adapt to 4K@60hz

I use AGX ORIN 32GB custom carrier board, when using this custom carrier board development, HDMI can automatically adapt to 4K@60hz, however, recently after integrating the driver, in the same carrier board, under the same display conditions, HDMI can not automatically adapt to the best resolution, has been forced to 1080@60hz.
I would like to ask what is the cause of this problem and how to solve it? Thank you!




What is the xrandr result of abnormal case?

xrandr result of abnormal case


Your setting is back to DP, it means your device tree setting is back to default DP setting.

May I ask how to solve this problem? I encountered the same problem.

你們如果使用的是預設device tree, 那行為就會跟NV devkit一樣. NV devkit預設的功能是DP port. 沒有HDMI port. 想要把HDMI功能打開就得照下面的post更改software.

Just to clarify. If you are also using custom board and hit this issue, then you need to modify the device tree to configure the display function. The default one is same as devkit so it is DP, not HDMI.

If the HDMI is inserted before the AGX ORIN 32GB carrier board is powered on, the login page cannot be displayed. In this case, the login page is displayed normally after hot swap.


如果有新的問題 請開一個新的topic… 聽起來這跟原本的沒什麼關連…

If there is new issue, then please file a new topic… this sounds not related to original question.

Same problem, the second version of the test board has this problem


所以你的dcb image已經改過了嗎?

還有如果沒有辦法敘述很清楚的話…看您要不要直接說中文… 現在這種只打一句話之後其他資訊都沒有提供的溝通,我不確定還需要來回多少次才能讓狀況明朗…

So have you configured the DCB image already?

Also, if you are not able to describe the problem clearly, how about directly give your comment in Mandarin? I am not sure how many forth-and-back is needed here until we clarify your situation…

现在的问题是这样:插入HDMI后,启动载板,显示器会显示nvidia logo界面,到了登录界面后,显示器黑屏,但没有提示"无信号输入"。此时重新插拔下hdmi,显示器正常显示,可以看到登录界面啦!



如同我前面所說了 你的topic就很直接寫了原本的問題是 “AGX ORIN 32GB carrier HDMI has been forced to 1080p@60hz, can not adapt to 4K@60hz”.

現在你的問題完全變成另外一個跟4k/1080p都無關的問題 (或是你也能提供為何你覺得這還是同一問題的原因)

如果現在預設已經不會卡在1080p, 那麻煩開一個新的topic, 詳述你新的問題(如同上面)然後我們再到那邊處理.
我們不會用同一個post追你所有板子上的問題到盡頭. 希望你能理解…

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