AGX ORIN no diplay custom carrier board

Hello there,

We are trying to bring up our custom board with AGX Orin 32GB and JetPack 5.0.2.

The following is our current configuration:

  • We are using DisplayPort
  • We have no EEPROM on the custom board, so we have made the following modification
  • We are using RGMII ( MGBE not implemented)
  • We haven’t finished our device tree, so we are using the AGX Orin device tree.
  • Current debug UART is as follows
    LOGS_NVIDIA_ORIN.txt (87.8 KB)

The power on sequence is executed correctly and we consume around 30W on the 12V input of the carrier board, after a few minutes consumption falls to around 1.5W.
But nothing appears on the display port screen.

Could you give us your critical opinion on the logs below?

We would be grateful if you would like to share your experience with making the DisplayPort work.

Thank you


By default the software is already using DP. There is no extra configuration needed if the hardware is correct.

Also, it would be better using new release instead of jp5.0.2.

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Hello WayneWWW,

Thanks for your answer
we will check HW config of our DP.
did you notice any problem with the Logs ?

Thank you

Your BSP is too old for Orin 32GB to use. Upgrading the BSP first and then we can discuss it later.

i upgraded the BSP.
when i connect the display port to my carrier board , i have the following message:

do you have any idea how i can debug this issue ?



No, there is no way to debug this from software. Please just check your hardware.

If you are using default BSP from jetpack then every software setting is already correct.

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