Orin DP is not working

I m new on Orin. After plugging power cable to number (10), DP is not working. I reflash my Orin, however, I have the same problem. I attached the result of “sudo dmesg” before flash. Please help me.

Is this Orin AGX or Orin NX?

And you didn’t attach anything here.

AGX. just wrongly power cable.

So is it sill an issue or not? Not quite sure about what you want to say with power cable.

After that, DP is not working. I can not use any monitor. however, ı can connect orin AGX via ssh.

Is this Orin AGX devkit or something else?

Orin AGX devkit

Did you flash your board with sdkmanager before? Did DP ever work on your jetson before?

I was working with Orin AGX yesterday. There was no problem with the DP port and there was a display on the screen. Then, as a result of carelessness, I plugged the power cable into the c type port 10. Then my screen is gone. Today I flashed my board using sdkmanager, jetpack5.0.2. But I still don’t have a display.

Sounds like a hardware problem.

Please share me the full dmesg as text file

Also, hotplut the DP cable and see if the dmesg has any new log

And share me the xrandr result with monitor connected.

dmesgResultNoDP.txt (75.6 KB)
dmesgResultWithDP.txt (75.6 KB)

xrandr --query
Can’t open display

please run export DISPLAY=:0 before running xrandr.

sorry for latency. Results are attached.

Please reflash the whole board with sdkmanager and test again. Do you have other jetson orin device on your side that ca test?

I dont have. any difference between jetpack5.0.2 or jetpack5.1?

I would suggest you always test with jp5.1. No need to check about jp5.0.2 anymore.

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It works with jp5.1. thanks

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