No DP Signal error

It keeps showing no dp signal when connected to the agx jetson orin, after unplugging and restarting still doesnt work

Devkit? Custom board?
Which jetapck release?
Native DP monitor or through adapter?

Devkit, Jetson AGX Orin, through adapter

Which jetpack version is in use here? What kind of adapter is in use?

I cant check the jetpack version as I cannot go into the screen or login page. The adapter is DP to DP


So you don’t know what is the software in use and you didn’t reflash it after you got this device?

Also, what does that mean DP to DP? Isn’t that just a common DP cable?

How do I reflash it? Yes it is a common DP cable

Please prepare another x86 ubuntu 18.04 host and use sdkmanager to reflash your board with latest jeptack version.

Also, there are other ways to access the board without monitors.

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