AGX Orin USB ACM Serial Communication Only works the first time


I found my problem in two other topics:

I quote from the second one because it’s exactly the same issue:

“”“For more context, we have a hardware component (in a robot) with firmware that talks serial communication to the AGX Orin over the USB port; specifically, the USB ACM (/dev/ttyACM0) device. The serial communication works fine the first time ; however, restarting the serial communication fails. It appears that the failure is caused by the USB ACM device failing to properly “close”; therefore, preventing it from properly re-initializing the next time.”“”

In the first one the solution implies turning off and on ALL the USBs, something that is just not fair.

In the second one doesn’t actually exist a solution.

I’m exactly using this arduino: Nicla Sense ME — Arduino Official Store

Please share which release version you are using. We shall have this fixed in Jetpack 5.1.2(r35.4.1). Not sure if you are using the latest Jetpack 5 version.

If you use Jetpack 5.1.1, please apply the USB firmware:

Additional Files

We’re using 5.1.1, and migrating to 5.1.2 is not a easy task right now.

How so we apply the firmware?

Please overwrite it to the one under Linux_for_Tegra and re-flash the the system.

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