AGX Xavier and AGX Orin interface compatibility

We are designing a Carrier board, which needs to be compatible with AGX XAVIER and AGX ORIN SOM.
In online both the SOM’s are mentioned as pin compatible, but while checking the Interface comparison and migration application note “Jetson_AGX_Orin_Jetson_AGX_Xavier_IF_Comparison_Migration_DA-10655-001_v1.0” provided by Nvidia, we found that the there is mismatch in pin mappings of PCIe and USB interfaces pins as mentioned in the following image.

From the above image only PCIe x1 (C1), PCIe x8 (C5), PCIe x4 (C0) (four lanes) and USB 3.1 (P2) of AGX XAVIER is directly compatible with AGX ORIN in config 2. Could you please confirm whether my inference is correct?


Yes, only some of options are compatible as you can see in the doc.

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