AGX Xavier : How to shutdown the power to USB ports and power on?


One of our customers is facing below issue and they are looking for a work around. can you please help? They are trying it on our custom carrier board.

We are facing some issue with usb2can dongle which we connect on one of the USB port of AGX Xavier custom carrier board. The problem occurs on bootup. But if we do the hot-plugging then it works well. We assume that this could be due to power issue at start-up.

To sort this out , we wanted to try providing a power cycle to usb port once AGX Xavier custom carrier board is booted up, or to power-up the usb port with certain delay after AGX Xavier custom carrier board is booted up.

We experimented the following command on one of our agx developer kit, which works well to shutdown the power to usb port and again power it up.

sudo vim -c “1 s/^/disabled/” -c “wq” /sys/class/regulator/regulator.13/state

sudo vim -c “1 s/^/enabled/” -c “wq” /sys/class/regulator/regulator.13/state

But above commands doesnt work for AGX Xavier custom carrier board. Could you let us know how we can provide a powercycle to the usb port on AGX Xavier custom carrier board?

The keyword here is “custom board”… if this is custom board, then how do you think we would know how to disable the power?

The board vendor would know the answer… For example, if this usb port is connected to always-on power, then there may be no method to toggle the power of the usb port. This is their board design, which we may never know.

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