AGX Xavier MIPI CSI Receiver 100ohm terminating resistor

Camera CSI D-PHY connects AGX Xavier. Camera is transmitting end,and AGX Xavier is receiving end. As show in the figure.

Here is a problem : whether AGX Xavier as CSI receiver has a 100ohm terminating resistor between Dx_p and Dx_n or not? Does Camera transmitting end need to add a 100ohm resistor between Dx_p and Dx_n?

hello Username1,

it looks like hardware design question to me,
suggest you should also refer to Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide for the recommendations and guidelines.

Thank you for your reply. But I’m still confused. The Xavier Camera Module Hardware Design Guide you shared don’t tell details about CSI receiver teminating resistor. Can you share Jeston AGX Xavier Module Hardware Design Guide?

Both side don’t require add external 100ohm termination resistor.
Terminal resistors are already integrated in SOC.

Great !Thanks