AGX Xavier Mounting the Heat-sinking

Hello NVidia Team,

We are developing a new product using the AGX Xavier but have some concerns regarding the mechanical tolerances. Firstly the Mirror Mezz application guide from Molex states the standoff tolerance should be +/-0.15mm, however the tolerance of the bottom cover is +/- 0.2mm so we already can not meet the Molex requirements.

Then there’s the issue of the overall tolerance of +/- 0.6mm. We are planing to mount the Xavier inside a sealed enclosure with an external heat-sink. Our custom PCB however needs to attach to the Xavier and our enclosure but with this high tolerance we need to be very careful of board flex. Are there any recommended mounting methods for this scenario? We do not want to use a super thick thermal pad as this will compromise thermal conductivity and not work well under vibration and shock.

Are there tighter tolerances we can use or will this be addressed in the industrial version?


Hi, there are no tighter tolerances, and no more info about industrial version. Hope someone has similar experience can be shared.