Alembic problem

Hello, is it possible to use alembic correctly in the program? If I add alembic file to the stage, it shows only one primitive from alembic file. If I open alembic by open menu it shows all the prims inside. Am I missing something? Or I can only display one primitive in alembic in stage?

I usually import alembic to Blender then send to Create.

I used the Blender version provided by Omniverse. There should be tutorials for it.

But it’s like the only one possible option through blender? I need to combine all alembic animations in blender just to re-export to usd? And if I change one alembic file I need to re-export combined scene again. It feels like everything was made to complicate the process…
I just want to find a pipeline where I can easily update alembic files without losing materials. And if I want to use Omnisurface Base material it looks impossible to bring back files from omniverse to blender again.